Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"O ALLAH, help us in facing on your challenges, touch our heart at the moment we unconsciously going far from you, hug our heart if we accidentally love someone or something more than you,.O ALLAH, please breed our faith always and help us to be a good servant for you; never forget to invoke to you, always asking for your forgiveness, and to cry in front of you..ALLAH, please lend us a strength and patience in studying and undergoing our lives because we realize that everything comes from you...."...salaam ukhuwah :)


thnks for CY coz do this blog...
for friends,
thnks give yr support...

for bro sharif,
dont be so strict in class, try to smile even in hard time...
coz it can make our class alwaaaaayyyysssss happy..
and i think all of us will happy come 2 class without feel scared...
so, your smile will make our heart feel calm n relax...

thanks lot to yah because create this blog..
and for our lecturer
make us success in our writing!!!!:)

nothing to say..
just wanna say salam ukhwah


gud evening to our lecturer bro. shariffuddin and to all my fellow friends..
thanks for who has made this blog..thanks a lot to cik Yah..
nice to meet u all.. :)