Friday, September 11, 2009

Today, my wife and I break fast at Ikano, after the routine check up at the clinic in TTDI. The funny thing about breaking fast at places like these is when its time to break fast. As there is no Azan to indicate its time for you Muslims to go ahead have a bite of food or a sip of drink to relieve you of your fasting duty, its like everyone was stretching their necks looking at the people around them for approval....Yeah, its ok to eat now!... I have always observed this every time I had a chance to have a change of 'taste' since I was in my school days... My friends and me, our favorite spot during those days would be Bukit Bintang shopping complex...the food court at the roof of the complex. At about Azan time, we would have something in our hands then just faking to put the food in our mouth... Some unfortunate people seeing us do that straight away took a bite at their food and we would go " Haaa!!! its not time yet..." and you would see the faces of those people who fell for the false move... Their faces were red, going like "Errrkkk....Oh no!" and we would just have a good laugh getting that sort of reaction from those hungry people... As there were a whole bunch of us the high school misfits, those people tricked would just coy away and pretended nothing ever happened... Hehehe... How silly of us to do that coming to think of it now... :) Still, I feel places where Muslims frequent to break fast will have to make an effort to relay Azan or make annoucement on the P.A. system telling people 'It's good to go!' , take a bite, have a drink, be joyous , as another day of fasting is done... May Allah grant us with all the Goodness and good returns...